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Protecting Your Parental Rights

Determining child custody and understanding your child support obligations are two of the most important issues in any divorce or parental separation case.

At Chad Edward Cos, LLC, we protect parents’ rights in all aspects of child custody and support. Whether our clients are married or not, we strive to establish fair agreements that allow them to maintain meaningful relationships with their children. We represent families in Baltimore and throughout the surrounding areas of Maryland.

Seeking Fair Child Custody Arrangements

The court seeks to establish custody arrangements that protect the best interests of the children involved. In an ideal world, this means parents would share legal and physical custody evenly. We know, however, that sharing custody equitably does not always mean sharing it 50/50.

We seek creative resolutions that protect your rights and promote stability in your children’s lives. Our attorney provides honest advice and representation so you can take steps to obtain resolutions tailored to your family’s unique situation.

Honest Advice On Child Support

Like most states, Maryland establishes child support based on statutory guidelines. Lawyer Chad Edward Cos will advise you on how the child support guidelines may be applied to your case so you can plan accordingly. If there is an occasion for seeking a deviation from the guidelines, we will advocate on your behalf. We can also assist you with post-divorce support modification should your circumstances change in the future.

What If I Am An Unmarried Parent?

Unmarried parents may be required to undergo paternity testing first in order to resolve any custody or child support disputes. If you are an unmarried mother or father, we can help you establish your parental rights to visitation or child support by filing a paternity action.

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When it comes to determining child custody and support, we encourage clients to seek amicable resolutions where possible, as that often benefits your children far more than fighting out a family law matter in court. That said, we are fully prepared to represent your interests at any stage of the process. Contact us by calling 410-449-4781 or 800-880-8864 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation today.