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Are You Being Harassed By Creditors?

Are debt collectors calling you at all hours of the day or night? Are you receiving phone calls at work? Are creditors calling your relatives or neighbors? Such debt collection practices are not just annoying — they may constitute creditor harassment.

At Chad Edward Cos, LLC, we will protect your rights and peace of mind against unfair debt collection practices. Our firm in Baltimore has is highly experienced in assisting clients struggling with debt in the protection of their rights.

Many of our clients have fallen into debt due to uncontrollable circumstances, like job loss or divorce, things which no one ought to be constantly nagged about. We will explore all your debt relief options while protecting you from overzealous debt collection practices.

What Creditors Cannot Do

Once you have completed a bankruptcy filing, creditors or debt collection agencies can no longer contact you by virtue of an automatic stay. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), this includes actions such as:

  • Early morning or late-night calls
  • Calls to you directly if you have retained an attorney
  • Calls at work without your permission
  • Threats to you, your home or loved ones with violence or harm
  • Racial slurs or abusive language
  • Misleading statements
  • Failing to identify themselves on the phone and the nature of the call
  • Talking to your family, friends or others about your debt

If any of these have happened to you after you have filed for bankruptcy protection, we can take legal action to pursue punitive damages against the offending company or individual.

What If I Don’t File Bankruptcy?

Perhaps Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy isn’t the right solution to your financial problems. We can serve as your legal advocate in negotiating a debt consolidation plan or loan modification. This includes protecting you from unfair or illegal debt collection practices that may be undertaken by your creditors.

Stop Collection Calls With An Experienced Attorney’s Assistance

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