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Paying off the right debts gets you out of debt faster

If you are in debt and want to avoid bankruptcy, you may be considering working with your budget to start paying down your debts as quickly as you can. How you decide to do this can affect the outcome significantly.

Knowing which debt to pay off first may help you obtain your financial freedom faster. For instance, if you always pay for your necessities first, you'll never have to worry about going without a place to live, finding something to eat or deciding if you can afford utility bills. Always pay your necessities first, since these directly impact your life. Make the minimum payments on these recurring expenses.

Know your rights when seeking or paying child support

In Maryland, every child is given the right to receive child support from each of his or her parents. Parents wishing to seek child support can actually apply online to do so through the State of Maryland website. The Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) has a calculator on its website that helps determine how much a person may owe in child support as well, which may be beneficial to some parents.

It's important for the father of a child to determine paternity if child support is an issue. He may want to seek a DNA test if a mother is requesting child support, especially if he was unaware of the child previously or did not realize that he had fathered a child. DNA tests are painless for the father and child, and it guarantees that the child receives support from the correct person.

Keep yourself safe by avoiding drunk driving this holiday season

No one goes out planning to drive home drunk. Most people know it's dangerous, yet there are almost always people who get behind the wheel when they shouldn't. This holiday season, remember that there are ways to get home that don't involve drinking while intoxicated.

The Maryland State Police have already reported a growing number of alcohol-related collisions in the state. Between Dec. 15 and Dec. 18, the police headed to 18 calls around the state. In 2016, they responded to 13 crashes in the same time frame.

Handling the stress of a divorce: Going with the flow

Thousands of people have been through divorces, and thousands more will go through them, too. Divorce isn't unusual, but it is stressful. If you've chosen to move forward with a divorce, then you know that it takes up much of your energy.

Going through a divorce is time intensive and frustrating for some. Although you want your marriage to end, there are steps you have to go through to make that happen. With a spouse who doesn't want to work with you, this can take months or even years.

Bankruptcy could be the right option if your credit is poor

When the holidays approach, you want to spend and buy things for the people you love. Unfortunately, if you're struggling with debt, that feels like the last thing you can do.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself this year is understanding if bankruptcy could be the right solution to your problem. When you can't meet your financial obligations and don't see a way to reduce what you owe, a bankruptcy might be the best option.

When is bankruptcy a good idea?

While many people think that bankruptcy is something to avoid at all costs, the truth is that it can be a good idea for people in certain situations. There are many things to consider before you opt to enter into bankruptcy, but if you find that you cannot get out of debt and want to get a second chance to start over, it could be the right choice for you.

Before you choose to enter into bankruptcy, you need to research the types available to you. If you don't mind losing some of your personal property, then a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation bankruptcy, may be the right choice. On the other hand, if you can make payments for three to five years on time, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a better choice. This type of bankruptcy doesn't require you to sell or liquidate any of your assets.

The truth about bankruptcy in Maryland

Bankruptcy is a way for individuals to find their way back to a positive financial footing. Though bankruptcy filings have grown over the years, many people still have strong misconceptions about the process and its effects.

If you or a loved one are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is important you understand what all it entails. There are a few key facts to understand about bankruptcy in the state of Maryland.

9 people injured after car collides with popular restaurant

Car accidents happen every day, but thankfully, many don't result in injuries. Those that do have the potential to change the lives of those hurt immediately and irreparably. Someone who suffers a brain injury may never speak or be able to learn in the same way again, and someone who is hit in the wrong way could end up paralyzed.

For those who aren't on the roads, getting into an accident with a car probably doesn't cross their minds. This is especially true among those who are in restaurants or in locations where vehicles shouldn't go. Take for instance this case in which nine people were left injured after a car crashed into a restaurant in Upper Marlboro. According to an Oct. 24 report, the vehicle collided with the restaurant at around 1:30 p.m. It went through the restaurant's wall, impacting multiple people inside.

Support helps when you're working through an adoption

In Maryland, the adoption laws are designed to make adoption easier while protecting the rights of vulnerable children. The legal requirements for adoption can be complicated, so many people choose to work with their attorneys throughout the process. Most adoptions take place at the state level, but there are times when federal regulations may apply to a case.

Maryland's adoption laws state that any person can be adopted. If the biological or natural parent's rights have been terminated, a child may consent to adoption when he or she is 10 years of age or older. There is no home residency requirement in Maryland, so potential adoptive parents can adopt without a long residency in the state.

Toys R Us files bankruptcy after years of poor sales

If you've been following the downturn of the market for Toys R Us, then you may have heard that the store has filed for bankruptcy protection. It has been trying to make a profit for a period of time without making a dent in its debt, which now stands at $7.9 billion. In 2005, the store had gone through a leveraged buyout, and most of the debt is due to that situation.

Interestingly, other shops, specifically neighborhood toy shops, aren't having the same issues as Toys R Us, pointing to the possibility that it's not what they're selling that's the problem. One store reported its annual sales growing by around 3 percent yearly. Why are these stores seeing an influx in profits when big-name stores are struggling?


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