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Moving away after divorce might have challenges

One of the most difficult things for a parent to learn during or after a divorce is that they are going to have to move. This might be because of a change in the location of their job. The question that comes up then has to do with the children. Where will the kids live? How will custody and visitation work? We know that this isn't an easy situation, but some people, such as those in the military, can't do anything about these changes. The best thing they can do is address the situation proactively.

When you learn about the move, you need to talk to your ex. The sooner you figure out what to do, the better things might fare. This gives both adults as much time as possible to think of solutions. We can help you review the options and maybe think of some creative custody ideas that might be beneficial.

Adopting positivity regarding the changes of divorce

The process of rebuilding your life after a divorce is going to take time and effort. Whether you are happy about the split or still trying to figure out what went wrong, you can adapt a mental position that helps you to thrive. This is a big life change. Giving yourself permission to feel as you do and being able to address your emotions can benefit you greatly.

Your divorce can be a time of positive change, so remember that you don't have to view everything in a negative light. Now is the time when you can do things that you feel will better yourself. Trying to find the silver lining in all situations can help you to enjoy your life more without feeling like you are weighed down by negativity.

Think about how bankruptcy can help your finances

Bankruptcy is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, but it isn't something that you should ignore if you need to seek financial relief. There are many reasons why you might need to file for this protection. One is that you can rest easier when you check the mail or answer the phone because the court issues an automatic stay when you file your bankruptcy petition.

Being able to relax when you do these simple activities might improve your quality of life considerably. You must realize that this is actually a responsible way to handle your money woes because the creditors will know where they stand. They will know that they shouldn't expect money from you right away and that they aren't allowed to repeatedly ask you to find money to pay the bill.

Signs of drunk driving you should know

With the big game this weekend, there will be parties popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, some partygoers are going to consume alcohol without making plans to get home from the party safely. They might think that they are able to drive safely without getting involved in an accident. Hovever, there is also a chance that they will cause an accident that harms an innocent person.

If you are out Sunday around the time of the game or just after it is finished, you should be especially vigilant about watching for signs that a driver is impaired. If you notice any of these, make sure that you do all that you can to avoid the vehicle. If it is safe to do so, alert police about the issue. Here are some signs that a person might be driving drunk:

  • Braking suddenly or erratically
  • Not turning on headlights
  • Swerving between lanes or straddling the dividing lines
  • Accelerating rapidly
  • Driving too close to other vehicles
  • Failing to obey traffic signs or signals
  • Driving too slowly or much too fast
  • Almost hitting objects or cars on the side of the road
  • Turning widely

Will bankruptcy ruin your financial future?

If you struggle with an overwhelming amount of debt and are unable to make your monthly payments, the stress can be debilitating. You may feel tempted to simply avoid the problem and pretend it does not exist. Many people with high debt decide to ignore the issue and ignore collection agency calls.

The fact of the matter, however, is that no matter how long you ignore the problem of debt, it does not go away. In fact, the situation only worsens as you allow debts to go unpaid and interest charges continue to mount. Although you may fear bankruptcy is the worst possible outcome, the truth is often just the opposite.

Working through divorce matters must be a priority

People who are going through a divorce might be shocked to know that these things take time to adjudicate. One reason is that you have to negotiate with your ex over terms of property division and child custody or you have to go to court. We know that some people who are divorcing might be ready to get things finished quickly. For these individuals, mediation or collaborative divorce are likely the best options.

Working with your ex might not be easy. One of the most productive strategies is to put your feelings about the past aside so that you can make decisions based on the current situation. Also, consider how each decision might impact your future. This can help you evaluate your options.

Repayment is part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy means that you are going to have to make regular payments to a bankruptcy trustee who will divide those between your creditors. The payments will last three to five years. For the duration of the case, you will have to live off only the remaining income you have because you can't take on new credit while you are in the midst of a bankruptcy.

When a repayment plan is determined, there are several factors that are considered. One of these is your income. Your necessary expenses, such as utilities and housing costs, are also factored in. The amount of your debts and the value of certain assets will also come into the picture.

Negligence is the basis of personal injury lawsuits

During the winter months in Maryland, outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and roads might be slick due to snow and ice. The slippery conditions can lead to accidents, including car wrecks and slip-and-fall accidents. The victims in these cases might decide to seek compensation when this happens.

One of the necessary components of these cases it that you have to show that the defendant was negligent. This is a big deal because it is the entire basis of your case. Without showing this, there is a good chance that your case won't be successful.

Plan for career success during your divorce

Divorce impacts every aspect of your life. While you might want to focus primarily on how it affects your social and personal life, you also have to think about your professional life. Ideally, you will be able to take steps so that your career continues on as smoothly as possible through the legal process to end your marriage.

If you aren't self-employed, let your boss know what's going on. This gives them a heads up about what you will need in the upcoming months. You don't have to go into the details about the divorce, but you should share the basic details like upcoming court dates.

Child custody and property division must be thought out carefully

Divorce and child custody are two family law matters that often go hand-in-hand. When you know your marriage is over, you need to think about what you are going to do now. If you have children, your top priority has to be making sure they are being cared for in the best way possible.

For many parents, the child custody arrangements are difficult to establish. You are accustomed to being around your child all the time, so having to think about the parenting time schedule might be disheartening. This is especially true when you start working out a holiday plan for when the children will see each parent.


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