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What are some benefits of bankruptcy?

When you hear the word "bankruptcy," you might think of someone who has spent their money without thinking. Some people assume that they got to the point where they are because of their own mistakes.

The reality is that everyone who files bankruptcy has a different reason and different story. Some ended up in deep medical debt. Some have disabilities. Others spent in ways that weren't wise. The most important thing to take away from this is that bankruptcy can happen to anyone.

Dressing the part plays a role in success in family court

When you have a court date or hearing with a judge, it's important that you present yourself appropriately even if you don't expect an argument or difficulties that day. The way you present yourself makes a difference in all aspects of your life, even in a family court setting.

No judge is going to blame you for not wanting to wear a new suit with a bottle-fed baby in tow, but the reality is that appearances are the first thing on which people judge you. If you come to court in baggy, torn clothing, the judge may think you are less capable of caring for your child than an ex-spouse wearing a pristine suit.

4 top causes of bankruptcy in America

Financial calamity can happen to anyone. Everything from sudden emergencies to poor spending decisions can put you in trouble. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy because of your money problems, you are not the only one. Over 700,000 people and businesses are likely to declare bankruptcy in 2018

What is causing so many Americans to go bankrupt? Here are the top culprits for bankruptcy.

Pedestrians and car crashes: These common injuries can be deadly

No one likes to get hurt, and for the most part, people usually don't suffer serious injuries. They may get a cut here or there or suffer from a bump to the head, but the majority of injuries require only a day or two for recovery. Even with more serious wounds, like a simple fracture, pain is typically minor and recovery doesn't take long.

The problem emerges when people suffer serious injuries as a result of a collision in a vehicle or because of other incidents. For example, if you are walking along the side of the road and get hit from behind by a drunk driver, you will likely have significant injuries that require medical care.

Supermarket enters into Chapter 11 bankruptcy for protection

Bankruptcy is often seen as a problem, but if you're struggling with money, the reality is that bankruptcy is actually a solution. It is one way that you can resolve your financial woes and get back to a stable place.

Business is always changing, so it's not unusual to see popular stores go bankrupt. Depending on the kind of bankruptcy filed, it may mean the end of an era for businesses or just a few months of restructuring.

How do you know who's at fault for a crash?

As a victim of a traffic accident, your first question may be about what caused the crash. There are some instances in which the crash may have been out of the driver's control. For example, if there was a mechanical malfunction in the vehicle, then the driver may have done all they could to avoid a crash but could not in the end.

In other cases, the driver may have done something illegal before getting behind the wheel. For instance, the police may discover that the driver is intoxicated or using drugs. Impairment is a serious offense and a leading cause of collisions in the United States.

A co-op is a complication when parties divorce

If you're divorcing and are part of a co-operative, there could be complications. The co-op is likely one of the most contentious parts of the divorce. While a home is an issue anyway, a co-op adds a whole different layer of problems to contend with.

One of the reasons that co-ops are so hard to deal with is because they're normally in high-value areas. Spouses may fight over the location, knowing that to buy a home in the area would be cost-prohibitive compared to the co-op they already own.

Choosing bankruptcy could help you resolve your financial stress

Bankruptcy can be a solution for some who struggle with overwhelming debt. In Maryland, you can file for bankruptcy within a bankruptcy court in the judicial districts. You may not file a bankruptcy petition in state court.

Bankruptcy is intended to help individuals and business owners get a fresh start when they lose control of their finances. People may liquidate their assets through Chapter 7 bankruptcy or opt for a repayment plan through Chapter 13 or other forms of bankruptcy.

3 reasons finger and hand injuries are devastating

When you're in a collision, one of the things you may not be thinking about is the risk to your hands. Many people hold on to the steering wheel or reach out to brace themselves in a car crash. What happens next could be devastating, depending on the impact and what happens to the person's hands and arms.

If your hands go through the windshield, for example, you could have badly damaged fingers and hands with torn tendons, broken bones and other complications. Surgical intervention may help, but many months or years of rehabilitation may be necessary.


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