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2 killed in fast-lane crash in Baltimore

Car crashes happen every day all over the United States. Many are simple fender benders, where victims walk away without serious injuries. However, others lead to significant injuries and even deaths, changing the course of people's lives.

According to an article from June 24, a crash that happened just after 1:00 a.m., close to the Ruxton Road exit of Interstate 83, resulted in two people dying. The crash occurred when the individuals, who were standing outside their vehicle, were hit by another driver.

Keeping your credit score high with credit utilization rates

USA Today explains that even Americans who have good credit aren't necessarily doing well with debt. An average household, as of 2017, had $5,700 in outstanding credit- card debt.

Debt affects everyone and almost every aspect of your life. While you have good credit, it's wise to start thinking about how to eliminate that debt, so you don't have to worry about it in the future. Having debt doesn't have to be bad, but it does mean that you have one more bill to pay if you lose a job or find yourself in tight financial circumstances.

Why work with a family attorney?

It's always good to know when you should walk away from a problem and let a professional handle it. You may have great intentions as a parent who wants to handle as much of a divorce on your own as you can, but the reality is that divorce is complicated, and having a child makes it moreso.

Even the simplest divorce has its setbacks, so it's a wise idea to know when you should work with a family attorney. Even an amicable divorce could have some disputes arise that need to be addressed.

Bankruptcy: A possible solution to financial woes

There are a few kinds of bankruptcy that you can consider, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each one has its own benefits and downsides, so it's important to learn what you can about them before you decide which to pursue.

Although you may want to avoid Chapter 7 because you've heard that it requires you to liquidate your assets, don't be so quick to dismiss the possibility. In reality, bankruptcy isn't designed to make you start over. Instead, you do get to keep some of your assets and may even be able to retain some major assets like your home or vehicle.

Your parenting plan matters: Stability and support

After divorce or once you and your spouse separate, you need to develop a plan for your children's care. Parenting time has to be balanced with your work and the life you have now that your marriage is ending. You must agree on how you'll raise your children and how you're going to split your time with them.

The primary thing to remember is that you must act in the best interests of your child or children. When deciding on a parenting plan, remember that most courts like to see both parents spending time with their children. Unless there is a reason to restrict one parent from seeing a child, it's normal for both to share custody.

2 ways to financially prepare for a high-asset divorce

If you feel you are nearing the end of your marriage with your spouse and are ready to become single, do not rush to file the divorce papers. Your finances are going to take a hit during the divorce.

Take some time to get your finances in order and create an exit strategy first. 

Are damages limited after a crash in Maryland?

When you're in a crash in Maryland, there are a few things you should know. For example, you need to understand the statute of limitations, so you know how long you have to file a claim for your injuries. You should also know if there are limits on the amount of money you can seek in a claim.

As of 2018, Maryland has a three-year personal injury and property damage time limit. If you are filing a claim against the local, state or federal government, then that time limit is shortened to just one year. Additionally, noneconomic damages are limited to $839,000 as of Oct. 1, 2016, but increase by $15,000 yearly to allow for inflation.

Is bankruptcy an option for school loans?

According to statistics, around 19 percent of people who file for bankruptcy are college students. It's a normal way of life in America to take out student loans, but those loans cost what a student would pay for college many times over by the time they're paid in full. It's no surprise that around one out of five people who file for bankruptcy are living the college life where incomes are scarce and costs are high.

It's a reality that more students need to be educated on the expense of college and borrowing. Some believe that having debt is a way of life, and to get an education, it sometimes is. However, you need to be able to get out of that debt once you accrue it, a difficulty for many.

Hospital accused of violating safety protocols with discharge

If you have watched the news recently, you may have heard about a case in which the University of Maryland hospital was accused of discharging a patient who did not want to be discharged and who was not in a position to be discharged. A news article discussing the situation dated March 20 reports that federal regulators agree with the assessment and believe that the hospital violated patient rights and safety regulations.

The case that brought these issues to light came about when a woman was discovered outside the hospital in the freezing cold. She was only wearing a hospital gown. A local psychotherapist discovered her and called for an ambulance.

Visitation: Getting time with your child

Deciding on a good visitation schedule isn't always easy. As a parent, you want to be with your child all the time. Thinking about having to share your time with your child may feel unfair.

The reality of your situation is that you need to split up your time, and you need to do so in the best possible way for your child. If you and your ex-spouse can't agree on the visitation schedule, the court will do so for you. It's in your best interests to work it out for yourselves.


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