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Things Change. Your Child Support Or Custody Agreement Should Too.

While the terms of your divorce settlement or custody arrangement seek to establish firm guidelines for moving forward, the simple fact remains that your circumstances may change over time. Perhaps you lost your job. Maybe you wish to relocate to pursue new job opportunities or higher education.

At our Baltimore, Maryland, law firm, we can help you seek post-divorce modification as it applies to your situation. Whatever your circumstances, Chad Edward Cos, LLC will help you understand all your options for maintaining your financial and legal responsibilities.

What Does The Court Consider In Modifications?

In order to obtain child support modification, custody modification or divorce modification, you must be able to demonstrate that a significant change of circumstances has occurred. Typical scenarios the court considers include:

  • Job loss, leaving you unable to make child support or alimony payments
  • Relocation requiring a re-negotiation of your parenting plan
  • Educational considerations on behalf of your children
  • Reported domestic abuse by an ex or an ex’s new partner

We provide honest advice and skilled advocacy in helping you through situations that may require modification. Many cases can be resolved amicably through negotiation or mediation, but our Baltimore divorce modification attorney can also represent your interests in court if it becomes necessary to do so.

Many of our clients have fallen behind on support due to job loss or other economic setbacks. In addition to assisting you with family law considerations, we can help you seek debt relief through filing for bankruptcy so you can gain a fresh financial start.

Enforcing Your Rights In Post-Divorce Disputes

As binding legal documents, your divorce settlement and support obligations must be followed. If your former spouse is not paying support or abiding by the terms of your agreement, we can help you take legal action to enforce your rights.

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