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Multiple-vehicle crash claims life of 3-year-old child

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Personal Injury

Prior to attempting a left turn across oncoming lanes of traffic, drivers must use caution to ensure there is sufficient time to navigate the maneuver without creating a dangerous situation. Should a driver cross into the paths of oncoming vehicles, leaving little to no time to react accordingly, the results could prove catastrophic. A 3-year-old child was killed and several others were injured during a car accident involving similar circumstances in Maryland. 

Three-car crash 

The crash reportedly took place on a recent Thursday just after 10 p.m. Authorities have advised that it took place as the driver of a southbound car was attempting to maneuver a left turn across oncoming lanes of traffic. For reasons unknown, the car proceeded to cross into the paths of two vehicles and collided with both soon thereafter. 

Two of the occupants in one of the other vehicles reportedly suffered serious injuries in the crash. A third occupant in this vehicle, a 3-year-old child, suffered life-threatening injuries and reportedly passed away soon after arriving at a nearby medical facility. No further details were provided pertaining to the crash, as authorities have advised that their investigation is still ongoing. 

Loss of a child 

The untimely death of a child in a car accident is something that no family should have to endure. If the incident is caused by the negligent actions of another party, surviving family members could choose to speak with an attorney in Maryland for insight on the next steps to take to seek accountability through the civil justice system. While there might be nothing one can do to change what took place, a successful legal claim could help provide much needed restitution during a stressful and daunting stage in life.