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Slip-and-fall accidents could lead to severe injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many individuals might not always be fully aware of the types of safety hazards they might encounter while walking through stores or public areas. Unfortunately, if property owners fail to take every step to cultivate a safe environment, the risk that a fall-related incident could occur may be an ever-present concern. Any type of slip-and-fall accident could leave a person in Maryland with severe or life-changing injuries and facing such an outcome can be a stressful and daunting experience.  

Experts indicate that there are numerous types of injuries that remain unfortunately common among victims of slip-and-fall accidents, some of which may include: 

  • Head injuries:  Head injuries remain a prevalent concern among slip-and-fall accident victims and such health concerns could range anywhere from minor concussions to traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Back and spinal cord:  Fall-related incidents could also lead to severe back or spinal cord injuries and similar injuries could carry a variety of life-changing symptoms, such as intense pain or partial or complete paralysis. 
  • Fractures and lacerations:  The impact of a fall could also lead to bone fractures or severe lacerations, both of which could prompt a need for swift medical care and emergency operations.  

Fall-related incidents could also lead to sprains or tears in the muscles and ligaments, or even leave a person with soft tissue and nerve damage, and similar health concerns could wreak havoc on one’s life. 

 Suffering serious or permanent injuries in a slip-and-fall accident can be a challenging thing to accept, especially if the incident could have been avoided. When the negligent actions of property owners prompt similar trials in life, a person in Maryland might consider consulting with an attorney for advice on his or her available legal avenues. Such a decision could help a person better prepare to pursue the restitution deserved via a claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.