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Safeguarding your credit score when facing a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Family Law

If you and your spouse decide to part ways, you may have a variety of questions about what to expect from the process and how the outcome thereof might impact your future. One of the most vital topics to address may involve the effects a divorce might have on your credit score and ways to protect your financial future. 

Joint credit card accounts continue to be a common issue during a similar life change, and addressing these accounts could be vital in various ways. Knowing the steps to take to help mitigate the impact debt could have on your credit may also be integral to approaching the next stage of life with peace of mind. 

Joint credit accounts 

Dissolving a marriage can be daunting enough as is, and concerns about how the process might affect your credit may only add to the stress of the situation. However, there may be some steps you can take to help protect your credit, such as: 

  • Closing accounts: One of the first steps to take could involve closing your joint credit accounts, as this may help prevent an unexpected spending spree from influencing the outcome of your situation. 
  • Card status: If an account in your name lists your soon-to-be former spouse as an authorized user, revoking this status may also be vital to staving off a variety of debt concerns. 
  • Dealing with debt: As you and your spouse may both be liable for marital debts, discussing ways to pay down or eliminate balances may be integral to protecting the interests of all parties involved. 
  • Credit report: Keeping watch over your credit score could also be imperative, even if your former spouse agrees to responsibility for certain marital debts. If payments fall behind, your credit may still take a hit, regardless of what your divorce decree states. 

Understanding Maryland state property division laws and knowing how debts are handled in divorce could also be integral to preparing a strategy to safeguard your future interests. 

Preparing for the process 

While the dissolution of your marriage might not appear on your credit report, any marital debts that remain could affect this aspect of your life. Understanding the role debt might play in your divorce and the options to help address marital debts may be vital to finding effective ways to deal with such issues. Seeking guidance on every vital topic to address regarding debt may help you create a strategy with which to protect your credit and prepare to enter the next chapter in your life with confidence.