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Crash involving wrong way driver proves fatal

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2022 | Personal Injury

While it is no secret that driving in the wrong lane of traffic can be exceedingly dangerous, similar types of negligence continue to play a role in many collisions. Those who encounter a wrong way driver might not always have sufficient time to respond to the danger, and they could be the ones left suffering the repercussions. A recent car accident involving a wrong way driver in Maryland has reportedly claimed the life of a 51-year-old woman. 

Fatal head-on crash 

According to reports, law enforcement agents responded to the scene of a two-vehicle crash around 3:30 am. on a recent Wednesday. They advised that the incident began when, for reasons that remain under investigation, the driver of a northbound vehicle suddenly veered across the median and into southbound lanes. This vehicle began traveling in the wrong direction and proceeded to crash head-on with an oncoming vehicle. 

According to reports, the driver of the second vehicle suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene of the crash. While authorities have advised that an investigation into the incident is underway, it remains unclear as to what might have caused the driver of the first car to drift into and travel in oncoming lanes of traffic. Accidents involving such negligence could not only pose a significant threat to the safety of everyone involved but could also leave family members grieving over an unexpected loss. 

Unexpected loss 

No family should have to endure the untimely loss of someone close in a car accident, especially when due to the negligent actions of another driver. Individuals in Maryland who suffer such a loss could choose to consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance on their available options for legal recourse. An attorney can provide a client with insight on what to expect from the process and assist in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation to which he or she is entitled to receive through the appropriate channels.