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Some car accident injuries may lead to chronic pain and suffering

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a harrowing experience, and the fallout of such an incident could have a lingering impact on your life. While taking steps to reduce the risks of a collision can be helpful, it might not always be possible to prevent the unthinkable if others fail to do the same.

There are various types of injuries you might suffer in a collision on Maryland roads, some of which may heal with time, while others may carry long-term or permanent health complications. Even with medical treatment and therapy, some types of injuries could still leave you with chronic pain and suffering.

Chronic pain

While it might seem a difficult topic to address, understanding how chronic pain could affect your life may be integral to finding effective ways to manage your health condition. Some of the ways chronic pain might impact your life could include:

  • Mental health: Studies indicate that the presence of chronic pain and suffering could increase the risks that you might develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.
  • Cognitive well-being: Chronic pain could also affect your brain, and some possible cognitive repercussions may involve issues with impaired memory and reduced attention span.
  • Physical complications: Those who struggle with chronic pain may withdraw from physical activities out of fear making things worse, which may increase the risk of deconditioning.
  • Blood pressure: The same bodily functions that address pain inhibition may also help control blood pressure and if chronic pain taxes these systems, there may be greater risk of issues such as hypertension.
  • Nutrition and behavior: Chronic pain could also cause you to experience certain behavioral challenges or increase your risks of suffering from malnutrition and digestive issues.

Studies indicate that chronic pain may also affect your ability to function or take part in social activities, and such issues could even disrupt your sleep patterns and routines.

The outcome

When the negligent actions of another driver cause a serious collision to occur, you could suffer severe or even life-altering harm in the process. Dealing with chronic pain stemming from such an incident can be a daunting process and the outcome of the situation could take a dire toll on your quality of life. The physical and emotional effects of such health concerns could affect various aspects of your life and the financial challenges that can accompany a need for long-term medical care may also prove exceedingly taxing.