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Crash involving motorcycle kills 1, injures 1 in Maryland

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Personal Injury

Anything that disrupts a person’s vision while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle could create a variety of safety concerns. Those who struggle to see the road ahead clearly may find it difficult to maintain proper lane control or react to certain scenarios. Such issues reportedly played a role in a recent car accident between a motorcycle and motor vehicle that claimed the life of one person and left another with severe injuries in Maryland. 

Head-on accident 

According to reports, authorities responded to the scene of the crash just before 5 p.m. on a recent Sunday. An investigation into the incident indicates that it occurred when the driver of a car pulled out of a parking lot and into eastbound lanes of traffic. Authorities say the driver veered into and proceeded to travel in the middle of the road before colliding head-on with an oncoming motorcycle. 

Authorities say that the man admitted that the sun disrupted his vision as he exited the parking lot and continued eastward. They also advised that the impact of the crash caused both individuals on the motorcycle to be thrown off the bike in the process. The driver of the bike reportedly passed away at a medical facility later on, while the passenger is currently being treated for critical injuries. 

After the crash 

Individuals who suffer severe harm or surviving loved ones who lose someone close in a car accident involving similar circumstances may be left in search of guidance on their available legal avenues. Following such an incident, a person in Maryland could consider speaking with an experienced attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. In doing so, a person could obtain much needed guidance in preparing to seek the compensation entitled through the proper outlets.