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Seeking relief by moving past bankruptcy fears

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2021 | Bankruptcy

It is no secret that fear can be a powerful motivator and such an emotion could influence one’s decisions in various scenarios. Individuals in Maryland who experience dire financial straits may wish to seek much needed relief through outlets such as bankruptcy, but they might be wary of what such a decision might bring. Many of the fears associated with bankruptcy may be unnecessary, and in some cases, they could be based on misconceptions about the process. 

Addressing fear 

According to experts, one of the most prevalent fears about bankruptcy pertains to the impact it might have on one’s ability to qualify for credit in the future. While bankruptcy will affect one’s credit score, this aspect may only be temporary, those who struggle under the weight of debt may also find that their credit score may already be suffering. Those weighing the possibility of bankruptcy could also benefit from knowing that they may be able to start taking steps to rebuild their credit soon after the process is complete. 

Many individuals may also have certain reservations about the process of liquidation involved with certain types of bankruptcy. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy may call for liquidation, this does not mean a person will lose all possessions, and in some cases, many or most of one’s belongings may even be deemed exempt from the process. Fear of the possible social repercussions of bankruptcy may also be unnecessary, as this aspect could have little to no impact on one’s life. 

Seeking relief 

Understanding the facts about the bankruptcy process could help alleviate reservations and help a person better prepare to make choices that best align with their interests and needs. Those who wish to seek aid in covering every aspect of the process could find it helpful to consult with an attorney early on for answers on all their questions and concerns. An attorney in Maryland can address a client’s financial situation and assist in creating a plan with which to seek relief from debts through the proper channels.