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Talking to the kids about divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Family Law

It might not be uncommon for many parents in Maryland and elsewhere to feel that one of the most stressful aspects of going through the end of a marriage could involve breaking the news to the kids. The idea of speaking with the kids about divorce could seem intimidating at times, especially when one might not always know how they will react to such information. Finding ways to better prepare for this discussion may not only help limit stress, but an effective strategy could also prove vital to helping the kids cope with the news of divorce.

While talking to the kids about divorce can be daunting under any circumstance, there may be some steps to take to help alleviate stress and help keep the conversation constructive, some of which may include:

  • Prepare for the talk: Creating a plan for the direction of the discussion and finding the best time to have the discussion could both be essential components of preparing for a constructive conversation.
  • Discuss as a group: It may also be helpful to consider coming together and talking about divorce as a group, as showing the willingness to work together could prove vital in various ways.
  • Talk about changes: While talking to the kids about what is happening, parents could also consider speaking to them about some of the changes they might experience, which could help better adjust to the situation.
  • Provide reassurance: Providing the kids with reassurances of love and support may also be essential to protecting their well-being.

It could also be vital to avoid casting blame in any direction during this discussion, as this could lead to unnecessary confusion and hurt or leave a child feeling a need to pick a side.

While speaking to the kids about divorce could be vital, it may also be necessary to address additional factors when preparing to protect their futures. Parents in Maryland who wish to seek insight on how best to safeguard the well-being of their kids during a similar process could find it helpful to consult with a family law attorney early on. An attorney can address all a client’s questions and concerns and assist in creating a plan to seek the best outcome achievable concerning the future of his or her kids.