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Understanding why credit card debt may be a common issue

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Bankruptcy

Ease of access and use and the concept of buying an item now and paying for it later are just a couple of examples of the appeal of carrying a credit card. With promotional periods with low to no interest rates and offers for rewards programs on many cards, you may see little harm in carrying one or more cards at a time.

Unfortunately, there is also some level of risk associated with similar financial endeavors and should your accounts fall behind, monthly balances may begin to add up at an alarming rate. Understanding some of the most common concerns involved with using credit cards could help you keep financial unrest at bay.

Causes of credit card debt

Credit card debt can come from a variety of sources, some of which could happen all at once, while others may add up over time. Some of the most pressing issues you might encounter with similar accounts may include:

  • Overspending: While using a credit card to purchase an item you might otherwise be unable to afford may seem harmless, overspending continues to be one of the most common causes of credit card debt.
  • Reward offers: It might not be uncommon for credit card companies and retail stores in Maryland to offer rewards programs for using their cards, and while these could come with various benefits, they could also increase the chances you may overextend financially.
  • Emergencies: A medical emergency can happen at any moment, and as the costs of medical care can be extensive, using a credit card to pay for treatment could leave you facing a seemingly insurmountable financial hurdle.
  • Minimum payments: If you can only afford to make the minimum payment due on accounts each month, your payments may do little more than cover monthly interest rates.

If you carry revolving balances on multiple cards, it could become increasingly difficult to keep up with monthly payments and dealing with late fees and increasing interest rates may do little to help your situation.

Pursuing relief

Knowing some of the most common ways credit card debt could become a growing concern may help you identify the steps to take to cut down on your financial woes. However, as it might not always be possible to keep such issues at bay, understanding the options to help you seek relief should things grow out of control could also prove vital. An option such as bankruptcy could be just the tool to help reduce or eliminate your debts and help you begin working toward building a brighter financial future.