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Life’s circumstances might lead you into financial challenges

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Bankruptcy

Most adults make good financial decisions, but there are times when life’s circumstances don’t allow you to do this. Things like the unexpected loss of a job or medical crisis can lead to some challenging financial decisions. While you can’t control those situations, you will have to be the one to cope with the resulting bills. We are here to work with you to determine which chapter of bankruptcy might be the answer to your money troubles.

There are two primary forms of bankruptcies that individuals use when they need financial relief. These are Chapter 7, which is known as the liquidation option, or Chapter 13, which is the repayment option. Your circumstances will dictate which of these is appropriate for your case since both have specific criteria that must be met in order to file.

One thing to remember if you are going to file for bankruptcy is that you need to plan for the budget that you will have to follow. While your case is open, you will have to pay your expenses with only your income. You can’t obtain any new lines of credit unless you have the court’s permission.

Even once you have the bankruptcy cleared, you will face some challenges getting a new credit card. Your familiarity with budgets and your income will be beneficial here. As time progresses, you are able to rebuild your credit if you move slowly toward this goal. We can help you to get your case moving forward so you can start to feel the relief that you need.