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Moving away after divorce might have challenges

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Family Law

One of the most difficult things for a parent to learn during or after a divorce is that they are going to have to move. This might be because of a change in the location of their job. The question that comes up then has to do with the children. Where will the kids live? How will custody and visitation work? We know that this isn’t an easy situation, but some people, such as those in the military, can’t do anything about these changes. The best thing they can do is address the situation proactively.

When you learn about the move, you need to talk to your ex. The sooner you figure out what to do, the better things might fare. This gives both adults as much time as possible to think of solutions. We can help you review the options and maybe think of some creative custody ideas that might be beneficial.

The decision about where the kids will live might have more to do with keeping things stable for them than anything else. For example, if it is the middle of the school year, it might be best for them to remain with the parent who lives in their current district. You and your ex might reevaluate this at the end of the year.

Just remember that every decision you make has to be what is best for the kids. If the matter has to go before a court, that is all the court will base their decision on. Oftentimes, parents want to work out an agreement with each other since they both know the full circumstances of what’s going on.