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Working through divorce matters must be a priority

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Family Law

People who are going through a divorce might be shocked to know that these things take time to adjudicate. One reason is that you have to negotiate with your ex over terms of property division and child custody or you have to go to court. We know that some people who are divorcing might be ready to get things finished quickly. For these individuals, mediation or collaborative divorce are likely the best options.

Working with your ex might not be easy. One of the most productive strategies is to put your feelings about the past aside so that you can make decisions based on the current situation. Also, consider how each decision might impact your future. This can help you evaluate your options.

We know that you likely have some concerns over which process to choose — collaborative divorce or litigation. We can work with you to determine which options are better for your situation. When it’s time for property division, you must consider both long- and short-term goals to get your share of the resources that will help you the most. The goal is for you to get what you need to start your new life, but not to end up with things that will burdern you with financial stress in the future.

Child custody matters are typically complex hot-button issues for divorcing parents. But, instead of focusing on which decisions would be best for you, keep the children’s best interests foremost in all your deliberations. After all, that’s how the judge makes decisions that affect your child, so it makes sense to do the same.