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Will bankruptcy ruin your financial future?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Bankruptcy

If you struggle with an overwhelming amount of debt and are unable to make your monthly payments, the stress can be debilitating. You may feel tempted to simply avoid the problem and pretend it does not exist. Many people with high debt decide to ignore the issue and ignore collection agency calls.

The fact of the matter, however, is that no matter how long you ignore the problem of debt, it does not go away. In fact, the situation only worsens as you allow debts to go unpaid and interest charges continue to mount. Although you may fear bankruptcy is the worst possible outcome, the truth is often just the opposite.

Myths about bankruptcy

One of the most commonly held myths about filing for bankruptcy is that it will definitively ruin your financial future. Many people also see bankruptcy as a personal failing, which compounds their fears about the inevitable negative effects of bankruptcy on their finances. Bankruptcy may actually be the first positive step you can take in terms of rebuilding a fresh financial future. When you file for personal bankruptcy, you can stop creditor harassment. Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to help prevent or delay foreclosure on your home. Rather than being a further complication and hardship, bankruptcy may very well be a saving grace that can help you recover your financial dignity and start fresh.

Seeing bankruptcy in a positive light

While no one actively hopes to file for bankruptcy, the truth is that in life, unexpected circumstances can throw you off track financially. If you lose your job, you may be out of work for so long that your bills begin to pile up so high that you cannot catch up with them again. As the debt cycle continues, the problem worsens, and there may seem like there is no way out. Bankruptcy can be a positive solution to a negative problem. You have the legal right to seek bankruptcy, and you should not deny yourself from exercising this right. If you are in a situation that is becoming increasingly dire, this financial tool may be the first step to regaining a foothold on financial security.