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Negligence is the basis of personal injury lawsuits

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Personal Injury

During the winter months in Maryland, outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and roads might be slick due to snow and ice. The slippery conditions can lead to accidents, including car wrecks and slip-and-fall accidents. The victims in these cases might decide to seek compensation when this happens.

One of the necessary components of these cases it that you have to show that the defendant was negligent. This is a big deal because it is the entire basis of your case. Without showing this, there is a good chance that your case won’t be successful.

For example, if you slip and fall when you are walking into a store, you might need to show that the business didn’t take steps to make the entryway safe. These steps could include placing mats down to absorb the water that comes in on customers’ shoes. It could also be posting a warning sign about the floor’s condition.

We know that you might not know how to illustrate this point. Fortunately, we are familiar with these cases and will work on your behalf to get it done. We can also determine the amount of compensation to seek for your injuries, pain and suffering and past and future medical care.

We use estimates to come up with the figure for compensation and don’t look at only the medical bills you have already run up. We also need to look at what expense you might foreseeably have in the future. Other types of damages might also be possible to seek, so we can explore those with you.