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Snow Hill crash results in serious injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Personal Injury

When you’re driving, you may notice people who make errors. For example, you might see a driver quickly swerve back into position after beginning to cross the centerline, or you might see a driver rush through a yellow light as it turns red just to avoid having to stop.

When people make poor decisions, they put other people at risk. Whether it’s by texting while driving or not getting enough sleep, drivers who are negligent and choose to get behind the wheel aren’t in any position to be driving. If they cause a crash, they need to be held accountable.

Multiple people were left with injuries after a serious collision involving two vehicles in Snow Hill. According to the Aug. 9 report, the Maryland State Police reported to the scene where a 24-year-old woman had failed to stop at an intersection.

When the woman didn’t stop her Dodge Durango, she struck a 2015 Ford Focus that was traveling on Route 12. She and her three occupants suffered injuries in the collision. They were all taken to Atlantic General Hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Ford Focus suffered serious injuries and was rushed to MD Shock Trauma. Her passenger was taken to PRMC in Salisbury. The police have reported that charges are pending in this case. So far, they have not stated the cause of the accident.

Crashes like this can be avoided with more care placed on how you drive. If you’re injured in a crash like this one, you can pursue a claim against the person responsible for your injuries.

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