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Importance of effective co-parenting

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Family Law

When there are children involved in divorce, it is critical to try to provide them with as much stability as possible. In the eyes of the court, it must be clear that both parents want to invest in the well-being of the kids. Otherwise, certain determinations may occur to ensure it.

Whether the split is amicable or not, it is important that you at least try to work with your ex-partner for the best interest of the children. Even if you are still finalizing your divorce, it is good to develop an effective co-parenting model. There are several reasons for and advantages of effective co-parenting.

Shared custody

In the child custody statutes of Maryland, it clearly states that both parents have full rights to the children unless otherwise determined by the courts. As long as neither parent is harming the children or otherwise endangering their well-being, most courts do not award sole custody to a parent. Therefore, legally you may have to learn to co-parent. If either party decides not work with the other in establishing a common routine and method of communication, the children receive the brunt of the dysfunction.

Child well-being

Various studies show that there are positive ramifications to effective co-parenting for the children, such as:

  •          Feeling more secure in changing situations
  •          Enhancing mental and emotional health
  •          Maintaining a level of consistency
  •          Developing problem-solving skills
  •          Seeing a healthy relationship example

In short, co-parenting helps to assure the kids that both parents still love and support them, which is critical to the growth and development of any child.

As you can see, children benefit greatly from proper co-parenting. No matter what the circumstance, it is important to at least try to put your differences aside and put the kids first so that they have their best chance at a happy, healthy life.