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Accommodations that might help you cope with a brain injury

Living with a brain injury is difficult, but some people don't realize how even the simplest of tasks can become a lot to handle. One of the more common symptoms of a brain injury is trouble with memory. In order to address this, the victims have to figure out what types of methods they can use to combat these changes.

Categories of damages possible in car wrecks

When you have a personal injury claim, one of the priorities you might have is seeking compensation. Knowing what categories you might be able to claim can help you determine what you need to do. It is imperative that your remember that you must be able to tie these amounts to the injuries you received in the crash, and those injuries have to be tied to an accident caused by a negligent driver.

Summertime wrecks can ruin the entire season

The summer is a time of family road trips and vacations. When you are planning on leaving home for a while, make sure that you take the time to plan everything carefully. One thing that you don't want to do is to try to rush through the travel time. We know you probably want to hurry up and get to where you are going, but don't let this cause you to get into an accident.

Brain rest is necessary after a concussion

Victims of accidents might suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). One common TBI that can occur is a concussion. This is considered a minor TBI, but it can actually have very serious impacts on the victim's life. A person who has this diagnosis is going to have a long road to recovery, even though they might seem perfectly normal on the outside.

Signs of drunk driving you should know

With the big game this weekend, there will be parties popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, some partygoers are going to consume alcohol without making plans to get home from the party safely. They might think that they are able to drive safely without getting involved in an accident. Hovever, there is also a chance that they will cause an accident that harms an innocent person.

Negligence is the basis of personal injury lawsuits

During the winter months in Maryland, outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and roads might be slick due to snow and ice. The slippery conditions can lead to accidents, including car wrecks and slip-and-fall accidents. The victims in these cases might decide to seek compensation when this happens.

Pedestrians and car crashes: These common injuries can be deadly

No one likes to get hurt, and for the most part, people usually don't suffer serious injuries. They may get a cut here or there or suffer from a bump to the head, but the majority of injuries require only a day or two for recovery. Even with more serious wounds, like a simple fracture, pain is typically minor and recovery doesn't take long.

How do you know who's at fault for a crash?

As a victim of a traffic accident, your first question may be about what caused the crash. There are some instances in which the crash may have been out of the driver's control. For example, if there was a mechanical malfunction in the vehicle, then the driver may have done all they could to avoid a crash but could not in the end.

3 reasons finger and hand injuries are devastating

When you're in a collision, one of the things you may not be thinking about is the risk to your hands. Many people hold on to the steering wheel or reach out to brace themselves in a car crash. What happens next could be devastating, depending on the impact and what happens to the person's hands and arms.


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