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More than 14% of Americans have trouble paying medical bills

Medical bills in this country are often pricey. Even for the people who have decent insurance, there is a chance that things like co-pays, deductibles and expenses that aren't covered can add up quickly. Trouble paying these bills isn't something that's new, but it's still very difficult to deal with.

Over 14% of Americans had trouble paying medical bills in 2018. This is down from 2011 when around 20% of Americans had.trouble with this. The problem is that the issue doesn't end just with the medical bills. It can also creep into other facets of life, including being unable to pay for food or housing costs.

These bills often have a bigger impact on people who have a lower income. Women are affected more than men. Black Americans are impacted more than other races. Uninsured individuals are also at risk of having higher bills that are harder to pay.

For some individuals, bankruptcy is the answer they seek for the monetary issues. This enables them to file those medical bills with the case, so they have relief from them. Because you can't pick and choose what debts to include in the bankruptcy, you have to ensure that you're willing to put all your credit accounts into the case.

When you file for a bankruptcy that includes medical bills, you have to determine what your doctor is going to do. Some doctors will continue to see patients using an upfront payment system. Others might ask you to find another doctor because your bills with the office aren't paid off.

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