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When considering a personal injury lawsuit, many people find the process overwhelming and intimidating.

Meeting with an uncompassionate lawyer at a large firm can add to the daunting process. At Chad Edward Cos, LLC, you won't have to worry about stuffy lawyers who are difficult to speak with about your true needs.

We are a small firm that fights for big-firm results for our clients. We understand your feelings and will do our best to see that your needs are met. We also are available to answer your questions as soon as possible. You'll also be speaking with the attorney who knows all the details of your case. We know you have worries and fears. As your attorney, I take the time to explain the situation until you have a clear picture of your legal options.

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What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Lawsuits In Maryland?

Each state differs in the time limits for seeking damages after a serious injury or accident. In Maryland, the limit is three years.

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