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Snow Hill crash results in serious injuries

When you're driving, you may notice people who make errors. For example, you might see a driver quickly swerve back into position after beginning to cross the centerline, or you might see a driver rush through a yellow light as it turns red just to avoid having to stop.

When people make poor decisions, they put other people at risk. Whether it's by texting while driving or not getting enough sleep, drivers who are negligent and choose to get behind the wheel aren't in any position to be driving. If they cause a crash, they need to be held accountable.

Bankruptcy versus paying down debt: Which choice is right?

Your debts have grown over the years. They started small enough to pay off each month but got out of hand. Now, you can barely make ends meet despite having a great-paying job.

It can be hard to know when your debts have gotten so out of control that you should just stop paying and turn to bankruptcy. Are there particular signs to look for or rules to go by? These are a few things to consider.

Importance of effective co-parenting

When there are children involved in divorce, it is critical to try to provide them with as much stability as possible. In the eyes of the court, it must be clear that both parents want to invest in the well-being of the kids. Otherwise, certain determinations may occur to ensure it.

Whether the split is amicable or not, it is important that you at least try to work with your ex-partner for the best interest of the children. Even if you are still finalizing your divorce, it is good to develop an effective co-parenting model. There are several reasons for and advantages of effective co-parenting.

Does bankruptcy make it impossible to adopt?

If you have gone through a bankruptcy in the past, you may be worried that you won't be able to adopt because of it. The fact of the matter is that there are many factors that determine whether or not you can adopt a child. A bankruptcy may affect your adoption, but it also may have a limited impact depending on a number of factors like where you live or how you plan to adopt.

Adoptions nearly always start with a home study. That means that a social worker or agency professional will come to your home a few different times to talk to you. The person likely wants to see what kinds of difficulties you're having if your married, see how you parent any biological children you have and to determine the kind of character you have. If a background check is run, your bankruptcy will likely come up to the caseworker, since it's viewable by the public.

Personal injuries affect more than just your bank account

A personal injury affects more than just your body. It affects you emotionally and has the potential to threaten your relationships and overall mental and physical health. Some things that aren't always spoken about include the injuries that limit mobility or cause a physical deformity. These injuries are not just physically damaging.

A physical deformity is emotionally scarring. It can make others look at you differently or treat you like you're terrifying or odd because of how you look. Scars are only skin deep, but they create a barrier between you and some people because of how they make you look. Drastic deformities have the potential to threaten your social interactions completely.

You can get out of debt and live a comfortable future

Debts can become overwhelming, and you may not know where to turn. You know you have options, but knowing which one is best for you is difficult. Fortunately, your attorney can help.

Debts grow over time, and they can weigh you down. The good thing is that even if you've made financial mistakes in the past, you still have a chance to correct them and to have a positive financial outlook for the future. Many options are available, like going through bankruptcy or negotiating with creditors for better rates.

Parenting plans help you lay out your child's schedule

Parenting plans are a required part of custody planning that the courts ask for. The judge wants to know that it's clear where a child will be at any time and that any contingencies have been discussed. It's important that you and you ex-spouse work together to create a plan that works with your schedules and the needs of your child.

There are many different plans you can implement depending on your situation. For example, if you have joint physical custody, you'll need to create a plan where you both have significant time with your child. A 50/50 time-sharing schedule or a 60/40 time-sharing schedule does just that. Sometimes, parents with joint custody choose 70/30 schedules, because it allows the child to have a primary home while spending the other days with the other parent.

What are some easy tips for avoiding debt?

If you want to avoid debt or get out of it, there are a number of things you need to start doing. Creating a budget, for example, helps you know how much you have to spend and makes it less likely that you'll overspend. That's just one tip to keep your finances in line, and there are many others.

By avoiding mistakes that can accrue debt and make it harder to pay down your debts, you can get into a position to be debt free in less time. Here are a few tips that can help you and your family focus on a healthy financial future.

New law allows quicker divorces for couples without kids

Couples used to be required to live apart for a year before they could file for divorce. In 2015, a law was passed allowing couples without minor children to forgo this step. Now, they can file relatively quickly if they already have a written agreement about their property division in place. What do you need to consider in your agreement? Here are some of the important points to include.

What are some types of distractions drivers face?

There are many kinds of distracted driving, and many are kinds people don't even recognize. When you think about distracted driving, you probably think about texting or using a cellphone. The fact is that anything that takes your attention off the road is a distraction and can lead to a distracted driving charge.

As a victim of a distracted driver, it's helpful to understand what the person at fault for your accident did wrong. It can help you feel the incident has been resolved and give you the information you need to keep others in your life from making the same mistakes.


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